Psychotherapy and Counselling

Would you like a cure for your anxiety or depression?

Want to break free from low mood, low motivation and drive?

Do you want some help getting unstuck and to move forward with your life again?

I work in a way that is warm, friendly, empathic and direct. I feel there is probably too much criticism in the world and my approach is definitely to be more nurturing. However, it would be difficult to describe me as a fluffy therapist. �I believe there is a place for humour in therapy and I believe that you, your past experiences and how you’ve managed them are very important and never to be mocked. I will not believe that you are silly or boring or wasting my time.

It's amazing how powerful talking can be...

By talking and sharing anxiety and depression, even suicidal thoughts can start to seem less overwhelming pretty quickly. It may not take long before you're moving more freely through your world again. In time, psychotherapy could well be the cure for your depression and the effective treatment for your anxiety.

John Richardson Psychotherapist in Hull
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"I am an experienced and helpful psychotherapist. I suffered with depression once upon a time and through counselling and psychotherapy I was able to find my spark again. I was able to be present in my relationships, stop beating myself up, deal with my depression and anxiety and get back to enjoying life... Now I help other people to do the same."

Psychotherapy and counselling could be the treatment for depression or anxiety you’ve been looking for. I’d love to hear from you and help you get back to where you'd like to be - it is possible! Contact me or ring me on 07866 807098 to book a session so that we can start to move you through this state.

You don’t need to tackle this on your own. I tried to manage this on my own for years and it was exhausting. It is a brave first step but with an experienced, helpful psychotherapist you could get back the freedom you feel so far away from right now.

I practice Transactional Analysis psychotherapy and couselling in Hull. I have my own room in the Lowgate Centre overlooking Hull College’s Art building. Car parking just across the road. Sessions are an hour long and everything discussed is in the strictest confidence. My fees are �45 per session with block rates available.

I am a member of the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis, the European Association of Transactional Analysis and the International Association of Transactional Analysis and I comply with their codes of ethics.