Oc Health Support

For the past three years I have worked with Smith and Nephew Hull as an integral part of their occupational health team working with operators, admin staff and managers to speed up their return to work following accidents, injuries, sickness and surgery.

I have also been their sole provider of Manual Handling Training following a review of their training in which they found that conventional Manual Handling Training didn't work.

I have worked with a number of local companies over the years to support their staff's health, wellbeing, vitality and performance. I'm very proud to be able to have been part of The Sewell Group's Wellbeing Strategy that contributed to them being named as a Times top 10 company to work for.

I offer a wide range of support including...

  • Get staff back to work through Functional Therapy
  • Manual Handling training that works
  • WRULD prevention courses
  • Health and vitality in the workplace - Boost vitality and productivity whilst reducing absenteeism

It seldom takes more than a handful of sessions to all but eliminate painful symptoms and arm employees with a range of easy to implement strategies to maintain recovery and prevent reoccurrence.

Employees return to work (and in many cases avoid down time) stronger, fitter and more aware of their own health, wellbeing and vitality.

Functional Therapy, Nutrition and Counselling to Get Staff Healthy and Back To Work