Diet and Nutrition

Clear up the confusion about food.

For you, is food something that's supportive or nurturing. It seems like fewer and fewer people are consciously and confidently choosing foods that they know are working for them. We're bombarded with magazine articles, TV shows and appearances of all kinds of people espousing their opinions about what you should eat. How can that work if none of them know you?

I've talked already about how we're both going to try to understand you better. Only once we've done that can we then start to identify what kind of diet is going to really suit you, your body, your taste buds and your lifestyle.

Rather than just 'put you on a diet', together we're going to  develop your relationship with your food and your body. Diets come and go but when you know intimately which foods work for you, that's value that you can take with you anywhere and will keep you slim and toned. It will last a lifetime, everyone will see it in you and you can share it with anyone.

You could spend money on corporate approaches like slimming world or weight watchers or lead your friends and family by example and invest in you. Invest in a relationship with food that nourishes you, movements that express you and the shape and vitality you deserve.

Megan lost a stone after her first session!

I simply wanted to kick start my weight loss in the middle of my very hectic lifestyle. No extra exercise and a diet plan I could live with day to day. I am very happy with my progress...

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