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  • Learn ways of coping. Stop surviving and start living again.

This is Sam from Hessle’s feedback after the free session...

I'd got to a point where I couldn’t keep taking my stresses out on myself and those around me who didn’t deserve it. It’s a big thing to tell a stranger personal things about yourself but actually it was easier to talk to John because he didn’t know me. And he was great, he didn’t judge me at all.

It was really nice to get this stress off my chest. I got to understand why let it all build up and am so relieved to think I don’t have to do it anymore.”

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email to claim your free 'Cope with Stress - Stop Feeling a Mess' session. Sessions will be held in my private therapy room at The Lowgate Centre, Lowgate, Hull. Car parking across the road. Session times by mutual agreement slots available morning, afternoon or evening, Monday to Friday.