My Personal Approach

I work in a way that is warm, friendly, empathic and direct. I feel there is probably too much criticism in the world and my approach is definitely to be more nurturing. However, it would be difficult to describe me as a fluffy therapist.


I believe there is a place for humour in therapy and I believe that you, your past experiences and how you’ve managed them are very important and never to be mocked. I will not believe that you are silly or boring or wasting my time.


I’m interested in where you feel things might have gone wrong for you but I am also very interested in your successes, in you living your life and being well.


I believe that you are unique, valuable, lovable, capable of change and deserving of a life free of the restraints of the past.


Even through you might not feel like it some times, you have achieved many things in your life and I would like to help you create the kind of life that you really want to be living. A live without anxiety, depression, shame or guilt.


If you would like that too, please call on 07866 807098 or email me on I’d love to hear from you.


I have experience and success working with people who’s problems have been as varied as...

Anger, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, feeling alone or isolated, life transitions, stress management, self sabotage, low self esteem, poor physical health, chronic physical pain.

I have a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, a Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and am currently in advanced training leading up to my Certificate in Transactional Analysis.

I have worked one on one with people for over twenty years. Initially as a personal trainer and now as a psychotherapist. Always with a view to helping people get more out of thier lives, feel energized and be well.