Psychotherapy and Counselling?

What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Both psychotherapy and counselling are talking therapies designed to bring about peace and understanding. They are ideal for people who are struggling with the symptoms of anxiety, depression or feeling overwhelmed by life or emotions.

Simply talking about a problem might not sound very impactful when it comes to bringing about change in somebody’s life, but there is great healing and empowerment that comes from sharing and exploring, being gently challenged and being more deeply understood.

I find that my clients often struggle with...

  • How they feel about themselves,
  • How they relate to their significant others, and
  • How they relate to certain aspects of their broader life like their careers, finances or their health. These three issues can be heavily intertwined.

Sometimes they are fearful of the future, or still reliving †experiences from their past. Either way they can be missing out on the joy in the here and now, being present with their loved ones and enjoying their own company.

Through regular, one hour sessions, my clients typically feel relief quite quickly. Like a weight has been lifted and there is a clear path visible ahead. Over time, interaction with the wider world becomes easier, relationships improve and especially the relationship you have with yourself.

If this sounds like something you’d like to experience then I’d love to hear from you. Do call me on 07866 807098 to book your first session. My sessions are priced £50 for individual sessions and there are reduced rates for block bookings. Sessions are in the strictest confidence and I comply with the UKATA†code of ethics.