Golf Fitness

Golf fitness and performance

Hitting the sweet spot and unleashing an effortless drive is an amazing feeling that you never get bored of. Hitting the ball 50m further down the fairway that you were hitting last season is just about the only thing better!

Many golfers know that the bit between their club and their golf shoes is the bit with all the power and the potential. More and more golfers who are serious about enjoying their game are working on their fitness and flexibility in the gym.

The problem is that most gym based programs combine all the wrong elements of conditioning  for your swing. Too much cardio and not enough stability. Too slow and controlled and not explosive or accurate enough. Plenty of flexibility but all in the wrong places. That's not helping you reach your potential or be as competitive as you could be.

Don't you wish somebody who understood your swing and your body could be in charge of your golf conditioning program? You'd probably get healthier, slimmer and have more energy too....!

By understanding how the body functions, we can make sure you load well into your backswing, then you can unload through a well grounded contact, stay balanced in your follow through, smooth out any kinks and significantly lower the risk of injury.

To see your golf swing become smoother and more powerful within our first session just call 07866 807098 and book your first appointment. Email if you prefer.

My approach to conditioning is based in movements not in exercises. What that means is that I can look at how you move and see what's working really well and what could do with a bit of support. Then I base out routine on improving those specific aspects of your swing and tying them into your strengths.

What I don't do is start with treadmills and squats because everybody needs to be fitter and have stronger legs! You may need those things in your program but I'm not going to assume it before you've even turned up for your first session.

The net result is that you will always get a routine tailored precisely to your game, your body and your swing. You might not be able to recognise many of the exercises that we do but you know what hitting the ball sweetly and powerfully feels like and you'll get that feeling a lot more after just a few sessions.

In short be freer and more powerful to hit the ball sweeter and further!

We can work on your swing for a whole session without you putting the club down if your goal is purely to lower your handicap or we can give you a golf based exercise routine which not only improves your swing but incorporates the added advantages of weight loss, toning, fitness, strength and vitality.

To really unlock your potential take the advice of your pro. Get good clubs that feel balanced and comfortable in your hands. And give your body the freedom, power, balance and coordination it needs to make the most of the bit in between. Get that sweet fairway feeling way more often!

We can work at my studio in Hull (Overlooking Queen's Gardens), at your home or at any one of a number of driving ranges in the area. Call for an appointment on 07866 807098or call me with any questions you have about how I can help you smooth out and power up your swing.

If Thad Daber (One Club Tournament world record holder) can shoot a 70 with only a 6 Iron, it's probably Thad and not the 6 Iron that's the impressive bit!