Easy Movement

Does your ability to move freely stop you from doing the things you love?

If your goal is to

  • move more freely and move without pain,
  • strengthen a weak or injured muscle or joint - I like to call that bullet proofing!
  • improve your posture, to stand a little straighter and taller,
  • change your body shape with exercise - get rid of some flab and put on some muscle,
  • simply improve your general fitness, to play with the kids or improve at your sport
  • really go all out for explosive, stacked, powerful, ripped and elite,

...then call me and let's start it happening.John Catches the ball

Do you worry that you're beyond help?

If you're of the mind that you're beyond help yet are struggling to get about without pain and stiffness then I definitely want to hear from you. I've worked with many such people and we've always made great progress in a short time and had immense fun doing so. Nobody should ever feel like they are a lost cause, because nobody ever is!

We'll start off as gently as we need to and even so, you are still going to see that significant progress within your first session that I mentioned earlier. Your body always knew how to move, all we'll do is help it to remember how.

We always work within your current ability (when we explore exactly what your current ability is you'll be pleasantly surprised I'm sure!) there is no need for a blood, guts and thunder approach! If somebody doesn't have the ability in the first place for a gut busting workout where is the sense in trying to push that person through one? It leads to more fatigue, injuries and unhappy clients. In fact, if you're just looking for somebody to make you work really, really hard in the gym please don't call me. I'm not a sadist and I will not put a client in pain. I don't make my clients work really hard, I allow them to if they want to.

Your results are unlikely to come through blood, sweat and tears. They'll come from wisdom, support, humour and commitment. It's a steady road with some great views along the way. My clients experience a great sense of satisfaction by seeing themselves achieving more and more, week by week, getting the personal attention you wouldn't get by joining a gym or doing a class. So, call me now for a session and  we'll get rid of the physical limitations you're experiencing now and have you once again doing what you love doing - probably a little bit better than you've ever done it before!

My fully equipped, one to one studio in Hull is ideal for the city centre and only 20mins from Beverley, Hessle, Anlaby, Swanland, Kirk Ella, Cottingham or Willerby. Call 01482 589000 to make an appointment or email or call me on 07866 807098 for more information.

Who are you going to share your new found vitality with, what are you going to achieve?

After years of back, leg and foot pain and seeing numerous specialists I was finally referred to John. I'm now completely pain free, stronger, fitter and more flexible than I've been in years. What was most amazing was that I was almost completely pain free after my first session with John! I'm getting so much more done because I feel so much more motivated to! Lesley from Hedon

When your body feels like it's working with you not against you, life becomes something you surf on, not wade through! Call me now to book your first appointment on 07866 807098 or email me for a slot. You'll be amazed at what your body can do!