Feel 21 again

John Richardson and his Stretch StationWould you like to feel like you were 21 again?

If you are over 40 and really feeling it, or have persistent stiffness or injury that needs fixing then John Richardson may be able to help.

"Many of my clients are fed up of feeling stiff and immobile. They want to get back into shape, improve their movement and feel much healthier. They want to roll back the years, regain their fitness, energy and the spirit they had when they were 21" says John "and that is where I can really help".

I helped Sandra lose over three stone, get rid of her back and leg pain and regain some sorely missed mobility and fitness.

I helped John get his freedom and mobility back after he'd broken his neck in two places. In less than five sessions he'd gone from moving like a 90yr old to dancing little jigs and breaking out into little runs here and there. See Sandra and John's stories in the menu bar on the right.

If you're feeling tired and immobile, overweight and stressed then I'm very sure I can help you too in less than 5 sessions or I'll gladly give you your money back.

Call me now on 07866 807098 or email me to sign up and regain your freedom of movement and some long overdue vitality.