John from 90 to 30yrs young

John and John getting young againI'm 58 and decided to visit John Richardson Training to try to improve my flexibility, after breaking my neck in two places in a fall. I was moving like a 90yr old and i wanted to do something about it!

I have to admit I am usually skeptical about services which can promise gains, especially when money is involved.  But a couple of conversations with John Richardson about my situation gave me the confidence to take the plunge. Besides, at the time I could hardly move my neck and was having to turn my whole body round to look to the side. 

Session one concentrated on my feet, as John loosened them off my neck got visibly better within that first hour. With my neck and feet more mobile, I found myself walking more freely. For the first time in years, I could not only keep up with people in the street, but weave in and out of them, too. 

My whole body had released significantly, giving me more confidence in my movements. 

I found myself breaking into little jigs and jogging here and there. I've not felt this spry for as long as I can remember!

Not only could I move better than I had in years but I was breathing better and got my energy levels back. With John's help I've greatly improved my overall wellbeing as well as getting my neck working again.

It was a genuine delight to work with John Mortimer. He was in such an inflexible state when we started working together. His whole body had shut down to protect his neck after the fall but when the fractures in his neck had healed no one had told his body to open up again. So that's what we did.

The reason we started on his feet is because every movement is a whole body movement. When one area is tight then that knocks on to the whole body eventually. I wanted to help John get his freedom back from the ground up rather than from the top down so that his body could continue to look after his neck.

That way everybody is happy. John is happy becasue he can move better, his body is kept happy because it can still do it's job of looking after John's neck and I was very happy to see such improvement in his first session!

If you'd like me to help you like I helped John then call me on 07866 807098 or email me to book your Mobility block of five sessions.