Sandra's 3 stone story

Now, Sandra has a new lease of life. she's lost over three stone since Febuary this year.  

I'm 62 years old and i work for the council. I started working with John when I wanted to do something about my back and posture.

I met John through a colleague and started to work out with him once a week. We discussed what my aims were. At 13stone 3lbs with a bad back I told him I wanted to be fit and lose weight, if that was at all possible?

I'm now 10st 1lbs, no back pain at all, moving better than I ever have and fit as a fiddle.

I see John every week now. We do exercises to improve my posture and John gives me nutritional and diet advice which is easy to follow and really works!

John always patient and understanding when explains his advice and his exercises. The sessions leave me feeling rejuvenated and appreciated.

I feel like a new person with a new perspective on life. I'm fit and active and even getting significantly better results from her GP and practice nurse on things like cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure.

The only downside has been having to buy new clothes to fit me, two sizes smaller!

If you would me to help you like I helped Sandra then just call me on 07866 807098 or email me to book your block of five mobility sessions.