Food I

First Things First

I have found over 18years of helping people to improve their health and get slimmer that what we eat plays a vital role in that success.

Many assume that we can eat what we like and just exercise it all away but, when you think that food provides the fuel for the exercise, it really needs to come first.

The results I get with my clients who start with food and then move onto exercise back that up without any doubt.

There is plenty out there in terms of advice about food and what to eat but from my experience and study, the following almost go without saying...

There is no 'one size fits all' diet.  Everybody is different and although there are some good rules that we should all stick to, to develop an excellent eating plan takes some time and fine tuning along the way.

 In a 24/7 world with more stress than ever before, it is really important to take an approach of looking after yourself. The food you eat should make you feel better, satisfy you and improve your energy levels. It is really OK to enjoy the food you eat. Starving yourself is very unlikely to help you. Depriving yourself of foods you love is probably setting yourself up for some rebellion down the line. Be kind to yourself...

 A diet plan needs to be based in good health to work for you. A healthy diet almost always involves healthy bodyweight. A slimming Diet frequently involves neither health nor weight loss. The best thing to do is to get slim because you're healthy. It will work, you'll feel great and, just as importantly, it will last. Health and vitality go hand in hand so you'll often hear me talk about the creation of energy as a marker for good health. Sick and tired we don't want - healthy and vital we do!

 The principles, once you understand them, you can apply anywhere. On your lunch break, for your breakfast, with your family, in a restaurant or even on holiday. When you understand what food choices are going to work for you then we have a winning combination that can last a lifetime.

 This plan is also about your relationship to food. You'll get far more out of your food if you enjoy it so we're going to steer clear of dower, dreary messages of tasteless, cardboard, meals and powdery shakes and supplements. We want to be slim and healthy because it makes us happy -the process has to be a happy one for that to succeed? Enjoyable food is a must!

So, how to get slim and stay slim?

Get healthy and stay healthy!  

Many of the people who follow these guidelines lose up to a stone in the first two weeks of the plan, some even more. Everybody is different and starting from different places but what we're after here is to focus on foods that boost vitality, minimize wear and tear on our bodies and reduce waistlines.

These are my three starter guidelines. I know as a trainer that if I can work with a client to achieve these three components to their diet that results straight out of the gate are 95% guaranteed!

 My three diet guidelines are as follows...

  • If you couldn't have eaten it 35,000yrs ago armed with nothing but a sharp stick is it really good for you today? - cut down on processed foods

Human beings have spent the vast amount of our time without Kettle chips, cereal bars, microwave meals and protein shakes packed with manmade chemicals or modern food processing techniques - our bodies don't know how to handle them and their response is frequently to stick them in our fat stores!

To apply this guideline avoid processed foods. Eat foods which grow naturally and haven't been altered by their packaging or storage such as microwave food, freeze dried food, ready meals or food that requires a factory to put it on your plate...

If you shop in a supermarket, shopping becomes very simple. Buy almost all your food from the fresh fruit and vegetable section and the unprocessed meats and fish section.

This guideline avoids your body having to spend additional energy on processing chemicals it wouldn't have found in nature like masking agents, preservatives, colourings and flavourings.

Stop buying products - start eating food with nutrients!

  •  Your body needs foods that grew in the ground and foods that once had a heartbeat to generate energy so, eat foods that grew out of the ground and foods that once had a heartbeat at every meal. - eat some meat and fish

We evolved as humans with really only two food groups. Foods that grew out of the ground - fruits, vegetables, salad leaves and so on, and foods that once had a heart beat - simply put, meats, fish and fowl.

As we lived in that environment so our bodies learned to work with what we'd got. Our bodies, as a result, need a combination of both food groups to properly generate energy and so vitality and health.

Different people need different ratios of these two food groups and you can fine tune the ratios to find what works best for you, for now get into the habit of combining foods that grew and foods with a heartbeat at every meal!

Start adding meats, fish and fowl to your breakfasts and snacks and see your energy levels rise and your waistline fall!

  • Most people are intolerant to cereal grains and dairy produce. That intolerance causes fatigue, poor health and weight gain!

Because we evolved with hardly any grains as a staple in our diets and our bodies, like with the artificial chemicals in our food, our bodies don't know how to handle them. They can cause stresses within our various bodily systems. Frequently, if our bodies are struggling to digest grains then they'll struggle to digest dairy as well.

That stress is a  drain on our energy and can be responsible for many different problems in our bodies - a lot of those problems are minor but they all add up and cause weight gain and a significant drop in vitality.

Most of my very happiest clients are people who have successfully eliminated grains and dairy from their diets for two weeks and beyond.

These people have had some very cool improvements in health, vitality, clarity of thought and most have lost about a stone in bodyweight.

 So, these are my three underpinning rules/guidelines/bits of advice for any of my clients who are looking to change their weight, body shape or improve their health and vitality.

 There is obviously much, much more to food, diet, nutrition and digestion than this but by starting off well with strong foundations we can build anything.

 Please give me a call or email me on to discuss how you are going to apply this information into your own lifestyle. Remember, knowledge isn't power. Applied knowledge is...

Suggestions for meals with these three guidelines

 The following is a suggested meal planner to help you apply the guidelines above. This is meant to give you some inspiration and whilst you may follow it to the letter if you wish, I encourage you to fold your own likes and dislikes as well as the practical limitations of your meals into your own plan. Again, do call me on 07866 807098 to discuss this.



The bacon and the burger and mushrooms could be cooking in the oven whilst you're in the shower...

Bacon and eggs and a selection of berries  or other fruit.

Prawn and Spanish sausage omelet with red peppers and avocado, olive and walnuts, in some lemon juice on the side

Good quality burger patty on sautéed or oven cooked mushroom with hummus, celery and carrot sticks.


Feel free to make your salads up as you like. Use dressings made with good quality oil but make them enjoyable.

Chicken and spinach salad with olives, artichoke. Olive oil and balsamic dressing.

Mixed seafood salad with prawns, scallops, fish meat, etc. salad with mayo and fresh herbs and lemon juice.

Pate (ideally, good quality and organic) on  batons of celery and peppers.


Do feel free to snack when you need to. Under eating is as bad as over eating.

Sliced meats such as turkey, chicken, beef, ham. Always get from a good source. Grass reared, free range.

Yogurt and fruit. Choose from apples, pears, berries, oranges or grapefruit....

Hard boiled eggs with cayenne mayo


Try new things. Keep them simple. Enjoy the tastes. Go to your recipe books for inspiration.

Pork chops. Carrots, cabbage, corn on the cob and green peas.

Steamed fish steak on a bed of sautéed fresh spinach leaves, asparagus, green olives and pine nuts

Salmon steak cooked in olive oil on sautéed leeks and fennel with steamed artichoke



Fresh made fruit juices - always take the fruit or veg, then juice it then drink it. Don't delay!

Organic Herb teas such as peppermint, chamomile, green and spinach.

Please try to drink up to 3lts of fresh, clean water each day!


 Once again, call me or email to chat about how you might implement this into your routine, I am here to help you apply this information in your life for best effect.

 Enjoy your grub and your new vitality and body shape!

Follow these rules, drop 10lbs